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Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Add Content

1. Add Content

Add a new content submission form.

Title field = add a title.

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Select Menu Bar Paragraph Type

2. Select Paragraph Type

Paragraph Type field = select Menu Bar.

Click the Add New Paragraph button.

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Open Menu Fieldset

3. Open Paragraph Fieldset

A paragraph bundle appears.

Click on the Menu fieldset title to open it.

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Enter Link Title and URL, Click Here Link

4. Add a Link Title and URL

Link Title field = enter the text you want the link to attach to.

URL field = enter the URL that you want to send your user to - if you would like to use Linkit, just click the Search button.

Under the p_menu_icon field, locate the word here and click on the link.

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Font Awesome Home Page

5. Choose Font Awesome Icon

You will go to the Font Awesome Cheat Sheet page.

Locate the icon you wish to use and copy the name of it - in the sample we're using icon-home.


Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Font Awesome Icon Name In p_menu_icon Field

6. Add Icon Name

p_menu_icon field = paste icon name in.

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Add Up To Four Links

7. Add Remaining Links and Icons

Add any remaining links and icons that you wish to add.

You can add up to four link and icon sets total.

When you're done, click the Save button.

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Completed

8. Completed

The completed Menu Bar paragraph will display.

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Change Menu Style

9. Change Menu Style

To change the menu style, click the Edit tab.

Scroll down to the Menu Style field and select one of the other options - in the sample we chose the Light Gray option.

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Grey Menu Style

10. Gray Menu Style

The revised Menu Bar appears with a different background color.

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Blue Menu

11. Blue Menu Style

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Black Menu

12. Black Menu Style

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Green Menu

13. Green Menu Style

Using Paragraphs - Menu Bar - Yellow Menu

14. Yellow Menu Style

Please note: Both green and yellow menu options have been provided. Please refer to the Oregon State University Brand Guidelines Colors Guide when working with these colors.

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