To set where the results of the form will be sent, first click the E-mails tab on the Webform screen.

You have the option of sending all of the results to one or more addresses, or to an address based on the results of a form component. In our example we entered a single email address in the blank field provided and clicked the Add button.

After clicking the Add button, the E-mail Settings screen will appear.

Here you have options to customize the Subject, From address, and From name, that will be sent in the e-mail.

E-Mail Template

This is a customizable template for the e-mail that will be sent with the results of the form submission. Take a look at our article on how to Customize a Webform Email Template for details.

Included E-mail Values

By default the values of all of the form fields will be returned in the e-mail, but you can change that here.