After you have added all of the components to your form you can set some global settings to determine how the form behaves. Select the Form Settings tab in the Webform screen.

Confirmation Message

You may enter a confirmation message that will display once the form has been submitted.

Redirection Location

Optionally you may want the page to redirect elsewhere once the form is submitted.

Submission Limit

Limit how many times a person can submit the form.

Status of this Form

You can disable the form to prevent people from submitting it, but still have it online. You can re-enable it again at any time.

Progress Bar

The progress bar, which displays on webforms that have multiple pages, has a variety of display settings you can choose from, including the ability to completely turn it off by unchecking the Show progress bar checkbox.

Preview Settings

To enable your user to preview their submission before submitting it, turn on the Enable preview page setting.

Roles that can submit this webform

Normally you will want anonymous and authenticated users to be able to submit the form, but it is possible to limit this to specific roles.

Advanced Settings

You may want to have a form available as a block so that you can place it in a region that will always display on certain pages. You may also want to change the text of the submit button.