Some important things to know about about DINO accounts:

  • The DINO network ID is not the same as an ONID. DINO is a very old system and, as our enterprise level systems evolve, they are outgrowing DINO capabilities. As an example, OSU's VPN system was updated in late 2020 and VPN will no longer work with DINO IDs.
  • DINO accounts do not work with DUO (which is one of the reasons why DINO is going away - it's just not secure enough).
  • Our Central Authentication System (CAS), which is used for most of the big IT systems at OSU, does not work the same way with DINOs as it does with ONIDs.
  • Sponsored accounts are the preferred type of network ID. A sponsored account is, basically, an ONID that requires an OSU advocate.


Request a Sponsored Account


If you still choose to use a DINO account, you will need to add your user via the method indicated below.

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Add user screen

1. Initially Add User

  1. Go to Admin menu > People > Add User
  2. Username field = enter your new user's name
  3. Email Address field = enter your new user's email address
  4. Password field = enter any password
  5. Confirm Password field = re-enter the password
  6. Roles checkboxes = select one role. For information about the default roles in OSU Drupal 7 please see the Roles article
  7. Click the Create New Account button
Account created. Link to user provided.

2. Go to User Account

A new, blank form will automatically appear with a confirmation at top informing you that your new user's account was created.

  1. Click the link provided to go to your user's profile page
Click Edit on the user's profile page.

3. Edit User's Profile

  1. Click the Edit tab on your user's profile
Enter DINO username in field on CAS tab

4. Add User's DINO Username

  1. Click your new user's CAS tab to go into the CAS screen
  2. CAS Username field = enter your new user's DINO username
  3. Click the Add a CAS Username button
DINO User Added

5. DINO User Added

Your DINO user is now added.
They will now follow the same log in process as ONID users.