Before you Begin

This task requires a Site Manager or Architect role.

To find a user on your site, please see our Find a User article.

To block/deactivate a user on your website, do the following:

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Audience view of user's profile

1. Edit User Profile

  1. From the user's profile, click the Edit tab
User edit form with Blocked status checked

2. Set Blocked Status

  1. After the user's edit form opens, locate the Status options
  2. Check the Blocked status
clicking the save button

3. Save the Profile

  1. Scroll down the form
  2. Click the Save button at the bottom of the form
confirmation message appears at top of screen that reads "The changes have been saved"

4. Confirmation Appears

  1. Upon a successful save, you will be redirected
  2. "The changes have been saved" confirmation will appear at the top of the page