Please note that a Site Manager or Architect role is required to view the People list.

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the Drupal people list with the admin menu > people menu item highlighted

1. Go to the People List

  1. Go to Admin Menu > People
  2. A list of all registered site users will appear
user's name typed out in User filter

2. Filter by User Name

  1. Locate the Username filter field at the top of the screen
  2. Enter the user's name you wish to find
  3. Click the Apply button
no results message

3. No Results Might Appear

Please note, users are allowed to change their usernames.

This means, for example, that a William could be a Will or an Elizabeth could be a Beth, or they could go by an entirely different nickname.

First try our solution, in the next step.If this fails to yield a name, contact your user and ask them what name they use on the site.

the name "will" entered into the username filter box versus the user's full name

4. Make Filter Less Specific

  1. In the Username filter field, enter a shortened variation of the user's first name, and don't add their last name
  2. Click the Apply button
a longer list with many names that contain the name "will"

5. An Expanded Result Set Appears

  1. A longer result set may appear
  2. You may have to scroll down a bit to find your user
the user's profile page

6. View the User's Profile

  1. Once your user is located, click their username
  2. You will be directed to their profile page