The OSU Profiles module is, without a doubt, the most widely scoped and powerful feature created by the Digital Experience team, to date.

This module provides a way to contain personable information about your students, employees, and group members and to display it in an attractive way.  

This module takes into consideration the different types of people that constitute the OSU community: students, faculty, staff, and associates such as visiting professors and scholars, and provides sections that are relative to that type of person. This will build a base for all of those extra things we like to be able to do automatically - such as to display related publications or courses for faculty, or related majors for students.

Perhaps the neatest thing about this module, though, is the fact that it's now integrated with other foundational systems here at OSU.

What this means, is that you can enter a person's ONID username, click a button, and their profile autofills with all name and contact information that exists for this person in the OSU Directory.  After that, any additional data that's added is extra, "friendly" information, such as a photo, a brief biography, the person's research/career interests (for employees), their curriculum vitae (for faculty), or their academic interests (for students).

We invite you to explore this new tool and the many different elements it contains.  Have ideas about how we can extend it or improve it?  Let us know by submitting a Help Ticket.