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D7 - OSU Profiles - Faculty Profile - OSU Faculty Tab

1. Go to OSU Faculty Tab

To update faculty information, from your profile, click the Edit tab and then click on the OSU Faculty tab:

Credentials field = enter your degrees/diplomas, one per field. Click Add another item to create additional fields when necessary.

Curriculum Vitae file field = upload your CV or resume by clicking Choose file, selecting a file on your computer, hitting Open, and hitting Upload. Accepted file types are PDF, Microsoft Word files, and plain/rich text formats.

Education field = add any other education that you've received.

Employment field = add any other relevant places of employment.

Service field = add any service history that you may have.

Proceedings and Conference Presentations field = add any information about proceedings and conferences that you've presented at.

Professional Affiliations field = add any relevant professional affiliations.

Honors and Awards field = add any honors or awards that you've received as a faculty member.

Courses Taught field = add any information about courses that you are currently teaching.

Faculty Type field = select what type of faculty you are. If none apply, leave the selections at - None -.

Career Links field = use this field to display links to relevant professional external web pages. Examples include lab/research websites, portfolios, class listings, etc. Click Add another item to add additional fields if necessary.

Research/Career Interests field = summarize your research and/or career interests.

D7 - OSU Profiles - Facluty Profile - OSU Faculty Data Updated

2. View Changes

When all of your updates are completed, click the Save button.

To view your updated profile, click the View tab.