Perhaps you have an existing context and you want to use that context with a different condition - kind of like a template.

This is really easy to do in the Context module.

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Context Module - Clone Context - Click Clone Link

1. Click Clone Link

Go to Admin menu > Structure > Context.

Locate the context that you want to clone and click it's respective Clone link.

Context Module - Clone Context - Clone Default

2. Cloned Copy Appears

A cloned copy of the context's edit screen will appear.

You'll want to change some of your administrative information.

Context Module - Clone Context - Change Administration Info

3. Update Administrative Info

Name field = working-content-custom-block

Description field = Displays custom block on all nodes in the working-content path

Click the Save button.

Context Module - Delete Context - Updated Context List

4. Locate Clone in Context List

Now, when looking at the Context list, you'll see your new context next to the old one.

Context Module - Clone Context - Block Appears

5. Completed

Going to our Working With Content section, we can see that our custom block shows on any node that has working-content in its URL path.