Now that a Widget Demo node type has been defined, we'll just add some fields to it to experiment with. Before adding any fields, let's take a second to examine the environment we'll be working in.

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D7 - Fields - Manage Fields - Click Manage Fields Link

1. Navigate to Field Manager UI

To do this we need to make use of the Field Manager.  Locate the Widget Demo content type on the Content Type list and click on its Manage Fields list.

D7 - Fields - Manage Fields - Manage Fields UI

2. Field Manager UI Overview

The Field Manager will appear.  This screen can be a little intimidating for new users, so let's break it down a little bit before we start adding & configuring fields.

The top part of the Field Manager is a list of all of the fields that are included in the node type.

The middle part of the Field Manager is used to create new fields as well as to locate existing fields that could be of use.

The bottom part of the Field Manager is used to create field groups.

Now it's time to actually start adding and configuring some fields...