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D7 - Fields - Configuration - Text List - Add Field

1. Add Text List Field

On the Manage Fields tab:

Add New Field Section

Label field = Enter the name of your new field. Note that a machine name is automatically generated from what you type in this field. If you wish to edit the machine name, click its corresponding Edit link (characters in this field must be all lowercase, alpha-numeric only).

Type of Data to Store select field = select Long Text.

Form Element to Edit the Data select field = the only option for this widget is a Text Area (multiple rows).

Click the Save button.

D7 - Fields - Configuration - Text List - Add Allowed Values

2. Text List Field Settings

You will be redirected to the Field Settings tab.

Allowed Values List field = add the values you want to present to your user. These values need to contain a key-value (which is what will be stored in the database) and a label (which is what is presented to your user). The values need to be separated by a pipe. The format should be: key-value|Label.

Click the Save Field Settings button.

D7 - Fields - Configuration - Text List - Other Configs

3. Other Text List Field Configurations

You'll be redirected back to the field's Edit tab.

Here you'll have some basic settings regarding the appearance and quantity of this field.

Label field = this can be changed at any time.

Required Field checkbox = if this is a field that must be filled out, check this box.

Help Text text area field = enter optional help text here, if desired.

Default Value text field = allows you to set a default value for this field.

Field Template select field = provides integration with Display Suite.

Number of Values select field = the number of entries that you can add to this field.

Click the Save Settings button.

D7 - Fields - Configuration - Text List - Position Field

4. Position Text List Field

You'll be redirected back out to the Manage Fields tab.

You can position your field as desired by grabbing the field's mover handle, at the left of the field title, with your mouse. Drag it up or down as desired.

Click the Save button.

D7 - Fields - Configuration - Text List - Select Value

5. Add Data to Field

Go to the content type that has this field on it and edit or create a new node.

Locate your field within the submission form.

Enter some data.

Click the Save button.

D7 - Fields - Configuration - Text List - Field Display

6. Text List Field Display

The Text List Field will display.