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File Type - Video - Click Video Edit File Type Link

1. Click Video Edit File Type Link

Go to Admin Menu > Structure > File Types.

This will take you to a list of all of the file types that exist within the site.

Within the Video row, click on the edit file type link.

File Type - Video - Video Edit Tab

2. Explore Video Edit Tab

The Edit tab is the default open tab for the Document file type.

This data on this screen provides a file type definition for Document.

  • Name field
    • This is the name of the file type
    • This is a required field
    • The machine name is derived from this (but can be overridden)
    • This will serve as the label for this file type
  • Description field
    • Describes what purpose the file type serves
  • Mimetypes field
    • The MIME types that this file type is allowed to work with (this can be configured by a site's Architect)
  • Mimetype List fieldset
    • A list of all of the different MIME types that this file type can work with
  • WYSIWYG View Mode select field
    • Restricts view modes that can be shown in text editor
File Type - Video - Video Manage Fields Tab

3. Explore Video Manage Fields Tab

This is the screen that is used to add new fields to the file type.

Note that the default fields on this screen are system generated - they can't be overridden or deleted. They can, however, be rearranged.

File Type - Video - Video Manage Display Tab

4. Explore Video Manage Display Tab

This is the screen that's used to configure the layout for the administrative side of the Video file type.

Note that View Modes can be applied to an administrative layout.

File Type - Video - Video Manage File Display Tab

5. Explore Video Manage File Display Tab

The Manage File Display tab is for the audience facing display layout.

  • Enabled Displays group
    • The available displays that can be applied
  • Display Precedence Order group
    • The view mode will show the first applicable display
  • Display Settings group
    • If there are further configuration options for an Enabled Display, the settings will be available here

Configuration-wise, this is where things start getting confusing as the options are really not very clear at all.

For example, with the Video file type, the Download option in the Enabled Displays should not even be an option, but it is.

Additionally, for all Default view modes, the Media Colorbox Display Settings show for all file types. This is a known bug.