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Focuses on the use of Paragraphs, a newer Drupal module that provides very flexible layout options and has created something of a new paradigm in Drupal site-building.

This is a media intensive course that includes a great deal of lab time to prep media for use with Paragraphs.

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OSU Drupal 7 Great Layouts with Paragraphs Presentation
  • OSU Brand Guidelines
  • Media Preparation Lab
  • Using Paragraphs
    • Create a 1 Column Background Image Paragraph
    • Create a 1 Column with Margins Paragraph
    • Create a 2 Column Paragraph
    • Create a 3 Column Paragraph
    • Create a Menu Bar Paragraph
    • Create a Divider Paragraph
    • Create an Accordion Paragraph
    • Create an Alert Paragraph
    • Custom Paragraph Bundles