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As helpful as caches can be, sometimes they can also cause some frustration.

Digital Experience has configured some fairly aggressive caching rules so that our users don't get bogged down by slow page loads. When we do this, it means that sometimes the system might hold on to some stale data, even after you've made a content change.

Fortunately, the Admin Menu provides an easy-to-use shortcut that can be configured for access by different roles - including roles that don't have access to the Configuration section of the site.

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D8 Configuration - Development - Flush Caches - Toolbar Button

1. Locate Flush Cache Link in Admin Menu

Hover on the Drupal 8 toolbar button until the menu displays.

Click the Flush all Caches link.

D8 Configuration - Development - Flush Caches - Caches Flushed

2. Caches Flushed

You will receive a confirmation message that the caches have been flushed.