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The Media Upload module provides the ability to control upload limits and to upload multiple files and convert them into media types all at once.

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D8 - Configuration - Media - Media Upload - Navigation

1. Navigate to Media Upload Settings

Go to Admin Menu > Configuration > Media > Media Upload.

D8 - Configuration - Media - Media Upload - Configuration

2. Select Media Types and Configure Settings

Accepted Media Types checkboxes = select Image and File.

Please note that due to resource constraints, the OSU Drupal 8 distribution uses third-party sources for Video and Audio media versus allowing the local uploading of these types of files.

Max Total Size text field = change to 0 - this will provide unlimited max total size.

Max Single File Size text field = leave set at 50MB.

After selecting the Image and File media types, each one will produce a set of configurations.

The default values work fine for our purposes.

Click the Save Configuration button.

D8 - Configuration - Media - Media Upload - Completed Configuration

3. Completed Media Upload Configuration

You'll receive a message at the top of the page upon a successful configuration update.

Note that there will also be a message at the top of the screen informing you that you don't have the Video or Audio type media. Ignore this message.