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The Entity Browser module provides a bridge between the Media module, CKEditor, and the File/Image upload fields that are used in custom content types.

Entity Browsers are highly configurable and have many dependencies between other sub-systems. Setting them up can be pretty confusing however, once properly configured, this can be a tool that greatly helps your content providers.

The sub-components are as follows:

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Drupal 8 - View Modes - Original Image View Mode - Click Save

1. View Modes

View Modes are different display options that need to be created to provide to users who will be embedding media.

Consultation with users regarding the default options that are provided is strongly suggested.

D8 Entity Browser - View - WYSIWYG Display

2. Entity Browser View

Create the view you want to use to pick media from the Media Library. This view can then be used inside of an Entity Browser that you configure.

Multiple displays can be created for use with multiple Entity Browsers.

D8 Entity Browser - Configure - Select Display Plugin

3. Entity Browser Configuration

As mentioned previously, multiple Entity Browsers can be created - we want to do this so we have one generic one to integrate into the Text Editor for use with all media types. Specialized Entity Browsers for media specific upload/embed fields - like one that’s specifically for an Imagefield and one that’s specifically for a Video Embed field, etc.

D8 Embed Buttons - Create - Select Entity Type

4. WYSIWYG Editor Only - Create an Embed Button

There are a couple of extra steps that we need to take to give our Text Editor the ability to work with the Media module.

First, once the Entity Browser has been configured, we'll need to use the Embed module to create a button to use in the toolbar of the Text Editor.

D8 Text Editor - Config - Drag Buttons to Toolbar

5. WYSIWYG Editor Only - Add the Embed Button to the Text Editor

Second, we'll need to go in to the Text Formats and Editors configurations and add the button to the toolbar.