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D8 Text Editor - Config - Navigation

1. Navigate to Text Editor Configuration Panel

Go to Admin Menu > Configuration > Content Authoring > Text Formats and Editors.

D8 Text Editor - Config - List of Text Formats

2. List of Default Text Formats

You'll be presented with a list of default Text Formats and Editors.

D8 Text Editor - Config - Disable Existing Rich Text Formats

3. Disable Unnecessary Text Formats

Drupal 8 provides four text formats by default. While this may work for many purposes, our users tend to be confused by an overabundance of them.

So, we're going to delete all but the Plain Text.

Click on the arrow in Basic HTML row to drop down the menu.

Click Disable.

A screen will appear asking you if you're sure. Click the Disable button.

Repeat this process with the remaining Text Formats/Editors, with the exception of the Plain Text one.

D8 Text Editor - Config - Click Add Text Format

4. Add a New Text Format

Click the Add Text Format button.

D8 Text Editor - Config - Add Name and Roles

5. Name and Assign Your Text Editor

Name field = enter a name for your text editor

Roles checkboxes = Authenticated user - this means that anyone who is logged in to the site can use this format

D8 Text Editor - Config - Select CKEditor

6. Select Your Text Editor

Text Editor select list = select CKEditor

Upon making your selection, the editor's toolbar will appear.

D8 Text Editor - Config - Drag Buttons to Toolbar

7. Drag Buttons to Toolbar

To add or remove buttons, simply drag and drop them.

You can also organize your buttons by adding Button Dividers and/or Button Groups.

D8 Text Editor - Config - Completed Button Bar

8. Completed Toolbar

Once you've added all of your buttons, hide the group names by clicking the Hide Group Names link.

What you see is an accurate depiction of what you'll get in the actual editor.

D8 Text Editor - Config - Image Plugin Configs

9. Set Image Plugin Settings

Enable Image Uploads checkbox = checked

Upload Directory field = enter the name of a default directory that your images are uploaded into - use all lower case with no spaces

Maximum File Size field = set a maximum upload size - if you don't set one the system will default to your global max upload settings, as shown here

Maximum Dimensions fields = if you would like to regulate the maximum image dimensions, do so here

D8 Text Editor - Config - Linkit Enabled

10. Apply Linkit Settings

Please note that this requires the installation of the Linkit module.

Linkit Enabled checkbox = checked

Linkit Profile select box = Default

D8 Text Editor - Config - Select Filters

11. Select Filters

Limit Allowed HTML Tags and Correct Faulty HTML checkbox = checked

Display any HTML as Plain Text checkbox = unchecked

Track Images Uploaded Via a Text Editor checkbox = checked

Display Embedded Images checkbox = checked

Align Images checkbox = checked

Convert Line Breaks Into HTML checkbox = checked

Caption Images checkbox = checked

Convert URLs Into Links checkbox = checked

Linkit URL Converter checkbox = checked

Restrict Images to this Site checkbox = unchecked

Correct Faulty and Chopped Off HTML checkbox = checked

Please note that this list will morph over time as additional modules are added.

D8 Text Editor - Config - Enter Allowed Tags

12. Add Allowed HTML Tags

We don't use a true Full HTML text format. We do this to limit the use of H1 and H2 in the body area.

That being said, there are a LOT of tags that we do want.

D8 Text Editor - Config - URL to Link Settings

13. View Maximum Link Text Length

Click the Convert URLs Into Links vertical tab.

Maximum Link Text Length select field = 72 characters, default.

If a link exceeds this character length, it will be truncated. If you wish to adjust this, do so here.

D8 Text Editor - Config - Toggle Linkit URL Converter

14. View Linkit URL Converter

Click the Linkit URL Converter vertical tab.

Automatically Set the Title Attribute checkbox = checked, by default. Adjust as desired.

Click the Save Configuration button.

D8 Text Editor - Config - Rich Text Format Added

15. Text Format Added to List

You will be redirected to the Text Format and Editors list.