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The Node Entity Type is a base level object that provides the Title, Body, and URL Path fields as a starter template of sorts.

This entity type can then have additional fields added to it to create custom Content Types, also known as Bundles, that are used to describe content objects.

When a Drupal site is initially installed, by default, it has two very simple content types: Article and Basic Page.

Theoretically the Article content type is intended to be dynamic and the Basic Page content type is intended to be static.

Dynamic content, such as our Article content type, is content that has a relatively short life span in terms of relevance. Think of something like a news story that ages out fairly quickly. Typically this type of content won't be added into a menu. Often there are many of these individual pieces of content and they require frequent updating. Keeping them in a static menu presents an unnecessary challenge to manage. Instead, they are typically served directly up to the audience via some type of view - such as a news block on the front page of the site.

Static content, such as the Basic Page content type, doesn't change very often. It will usually be put into a menu and will not require too much in the way of updating.

Drupal has some additional default content types that can be used but they need to be enabled first.

Our Drupal 8 distribution makes use of the Book core optional module. This module has quite a bit of extra functionality built into it including its own optionally contextualized Book Navigation block, auto-generated footer links, the ability to link to printer-friendly pages, and its own book management screen.

Since both Basic Page and Book Page are static, we only need one. Given the fact that Book Page provides a host of optional functionality whereas Basic Page does not, we have removed Basic Page from our distribution. We have also renamed the Book Page content type to Page, to help simplify things for our content providers. Let's take a look at how this is done.