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D8 Structure - Content Types - Click Operations Menu

1. Open Operations Menu

From the Content Type List screen:

Locate the content type that requires a name change.

Click on its respective operations menu to open the menu.

Click on the Edit link.

D8 Structure - Content Types - Content Type Definition Screen

2. Content Type Definition Screen

You will enter the content type definition screen.

This screen contains an assortment of different, general configurations that globally apply to this particular content type.

D8 Structure - Content Types - Content Type Fields Edited

3. Change Name

Name text field = change the name.

Description text area field = optionally, change the description as appropriate.

Click the Save Content Type button.

D8 Structure - Content Types - Completed Content Type Update

4. Completed Content Type Update

You'll be returned to the Content Type List screen.

A confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen.