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Drupal 8 - Image Media Type - Add View Mode

1. Navigate To View Modes

Go to Admin menu > Structure > Display Modes > View Modes.

This list contains all of the different view modes that are associated with all of the different entities contained within the site.

Click the Add View Mode button to create a new View Mode.

Drupal 8 - Image Media Type - Click Media Link

2. Select What Entity The View Mode Will Apply To

You'll be redirected to the Choose View Mode Entity Type screen.

Click on the entity that you want to associate this View Mode with.

In our example, we're using the Media entity.

Drupal 8 - Image Media Type - Enter a View Mode Name

3. Give The View Mode A Name

Name field = enter a name for the new entity.

Click the Save button.

Drupal 8 - Image Media Type - Original View Mode Appears In List

4. Completed View Mode Creation

You'll be redirected back to the View Mode list.

The new View Mode will be listed in its appropriate location.