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Drupal 8 - Media - Image Media Type - Navigation

1. Navigate to Image Media Type

Go to Admin Menu > Structure > Media Types > Image.

Drupal 8 - Media - Image Media Type - Image Definition Screen

2. Image Media Type Overview

The default settings on the Edit tab should suffice for most sites:

Name field = leave as is

Description field = update as needed

Media Source select field = leave as is

Field Mapping fieldset

  • Width field = this is to map image width data in
  • Height field = this is to map image height data in
  • See our Add Source Data to an Image Media Type documentation for instructions on how to do this

Publishing Options fieldset

  • Published checkbox = leave checked to publish by default when file is saved
  • Create New Revision checkbox = leave checked to create a new revision when metadata is changed
  • Queue Thumbnail Downloads checkbox = this is used to help avoid system timeouts when remote media thumbnails are being generated - it doesn't apply in this particular case so it's appropriate to leave it unchecked

Crop Configuration field set = at this point there are no other crop options