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D8 - Structure - Media Types - Navigate to Media Types

1. Navigate to Media Types List

Go to Admin Menu > Structure > Media Types.

D8 - Structure - Media Types - Media Types Screen

2. Media Types List Overview

Note that on the Media Types list, there's an Audio type and a Video type. Both of these are local media types. This means that these types of files are uploaded into the site.

Due to resource constraints, the OSU Drupal 8 distribution doesn't allow for the uploading and storage of local audio and video files. They take up a lot of space and often aren't well managed.

Instead, we'll provide some third-party options such as media handlers for YouTube and SoundCloud.

D8 - Structure - Media Types - Click Delete for Audio Media Type

3. Delete Audio Media Type

Locate the Audio media type.

Click the arrow in the respective Operations menu to open it.

Click the Delete link.

D8 - Structure - Media Types - Confirm Deletion

4. Confirm Deletion

A confirmation screen will appear.

Click the Delete button.

Repeat the process with the Video media type.

D8 - Structure - Media Types - Finished Media Types List

5. Completed Media Types List

The completed Media Types list should display only the Image and File media types.