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Text Field - Plain Configuration

Add a New Department

Add a New Building

Add a New Location

Add Social Media Links

Provides step-by-step information regarding how to add Social Media links to an OSU Drupal 7 site via the OSU Doug Fir theme settings.

Add Parent Site Link

Provides step-by-step instruction regarding how to set a Parent Site link via the OSU Doug Fir theme settings in OSU Drupal 7.

Hide Book Navigation Links

Provides step-by-step instructions regarding how to turn off the Book Navigation links using the OSU Pine theme settings in OSU Drupal 7.

Remove Breadcrumbs

Step-by-step instructions regarding how to remove the breadcrumbs in an OSU Pine theme.

Taxonomy Uses

Overview page for the section describing the many different ways that the Drupal 7 Taxonomy module can be used.

Edit a Vocabulary

Details how to edit a particular vocabulary within the Drupal 7 Taxonomy system.