This user level is very comfortable with the technical aspects of the system in question.

They may possibly serve as a developer, consultant, content strategist, or trainer.

Configure Media Upload

Set Up a Superfish Menu

Add a Role

Add the One-Column Combo Paragraph to a Content Type

Manage Display Screen

Provides step-by-step instruction regarding how to configure the Manage Display tab for a content entity variant.

Manage Form Display Screen

Step-by-step instructions on how to adjust the display of a submission form using the Manage Form Display tab for an entity type.

Manage Fields Screen

Provides step-by-step instruction on working within the Manage Fields tab in Drupal 8.

Create a One-Column Combo Paragraph Bundle

Create a Two Step Scale and Crop Image Style

Image Styles

Image Styles are preset image treatments that are applied to an image that exists inside your Drupal site.

Perhaps you have something like a Profile feature for members of your department. You have a headshot photo of each member that you want to use both in a large format on their individual profile and in a smaller format on a list of all site members.