This user level is very comfortable with the technical aspects of the system in question.

They may possibly serve as a developer, consultant, content strategist, or trainer.


The Paragraphs module provides a robust way to create many different types of selectable layouts that an end user can apply to a node body.

Paragraphs can be nested inside of other paragraphs, they can be tucked inside of field groups such as accordions and tabs, and they can have interesting effects such as parallax and colored backgrounds - truly the only limit is the Site-Builder's imagination.

Rename a Content Type

Content Types Screen

Remove A Content Type

Content Types

The Node Entity Type is a base level object that provides the Title, Body, and URL Path fields as a starter template of sorts.

This entity type can then have additional fields added to it to create custom Content Types, also known as Bundles, that are used to describe content objects.

When a Drupal site is initially installed, by default, it has two very simple content types: Article and Basic Page.


The Superfish contributed module integrates the jQuery Superfish plugin with your Drupal menus.

This makes it possible to create highly configurable drop-down menus for your audience.

CSS Injector

Asset Injector

The Asset Injector module is a sophisticated contributed module that provides a permitted user with the ability to quickly apply both CSS and JavaScript overrides.

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