This level of user is someone who is brand new to a system, or someone who may be hesitant/nervous about using technology, in general.

Meta Tag Examples

Sometimes things start feeling a little blurry and abstract when we start moving into a more technical discussion. This is completely understandable, especially concerning a topic that has as many moving parts as the Metatag module.

In this section, we'll just leave some examples of where meta tag information shows up and how it's affected by the Metatag module when we make changes.

Why are there different image file types?

There are many different image file types that are available for use.  This can often lead to some confusion regarding what is the most appropriate type to use for web publications.

For the purposes of this FAQ, we'll focus on the three predominant image file types used on the web.

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Override Book Page Title in Book Navigation

Reorder The Book Navigation Menu

Create a Book Outline

Content Management List

Provides instruction for the OSU Drupal 7 distribution on how to filter and sort content in the Content list using Administration Views.


The Book module is a core optional module that provides a way of managing related pages of content in an outline format, similar to chapters in a text book.  This module provides several user friendly features, such as on-the-fly menu creation,  a pre-built Book navigation block with enhanced configurations, and its own easy-to-use Book Manager.

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