This level of user is someone who is brand new to a system, or someone who may be hesitant/nervous about using technology, in general.

Logging into Google Analytics

Go to the Google Analytics website.

You'll be prompted to log into Google, and you'll need to use your OSU Google credentials. 


My Files Tab

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File Field Integration

Text Editor Integration

Media Browser

The Media Browser provides an interface between the site's file system and the tools used to upload and embed files into either a text editor or a file/image field.

The browser can appear in different ways, depending on whether it's used with a text editor or whether it's used with a file field.

Media Library

Why won't text wrap around my picture?

This is typically due to the Text format selection. To wrap text around an object such as an image, media player, or table, a float must be applied. For a float to work, the Text format on the content submission form must be set to Full HTML.