This level of user is someone who is brand new to a system, or someone who may be hesitant/nervous about using technology, in general.

Why does my content have a pink background?

If you happen to notice a pink colored background behind your content and it is not part of your site's theme, this is most likely due to the state your content is in.  Draft content, content that is in process and only viewed by logged in site members, will display with a pale pink background.

To change this, you must publish the content.

What is the Administration menu?

The Administration menu is a more refined administration menu for permitted users. This menu appears in a clean, attractive, and easy to use horizontal menu at the top of all content in an OSU Drupal site. It also includes a handy set of tools that display how many users are on the site at a given time and "quick links" to commonly used site performance functions such as cache clearing tools and cron jobs.

This menu is provided by the contributed Administration Menu module.

What is a Book in Drupal?

A Drupal Book is a collection of closely related, hierarchical information that is managed by the Book module.

Think of it as you would a real life textbook, with chapters and sections.

For more information about using Drupal Books, please see the Books chapter in our technical manual.

What is a base URL?

A base URL is, basically, the consistent part of your web address.

For example, throughout this training site, you'll note that the address section always appears in the address bar.  This is the base URL.  Everything that follows it is known as a URL path.

To find the base URL of your website, go to the site's front page.  What you see in the address bar on your site's front page is the base URL of your website.

What are Roles in OSU Drupal 7?

There are different types of Drupal users. Some just need to be able to quickly change text, embed video, or update images. Other users may work in more of a developer aspect and have the responsibility of designing the structure of the site. Still others may just be concerned with user management.

What is a node?

The term node is a catch all term for any content form in use in a Drupal site. So this means that a Page is a node, so is a Story, and a Book page - and any other content type that might exist in Drupal.

Why is the term node used? There are actually a couple of really good reasons for this...

What are good file naming conventions?

Spaces in File Names

Generally, in the computer science and IT worlds, it is typically frowned on when files, web addresses - or really any kind of programming at all - are named with spaces inside of the title.

How do I unpublish a Drupal node?

Unpublishing a Drupal node is done through the Publishing Options field set on the content submission form.

To unpublish a node, do the following:

  1. Open the node in Edit mode.
  2. Scroll to the Publishing Options tab at the bottom of the page and click on it.
  3. Uncheck the Published option.
  4. Click Save.

Please note that unpublishing a node will remove the presence of that node in any menus that it may reside in.

How do I log in to my OSU Drupal 7 site?

Visit our How to Login technical article for instructions on how to log in to an OSU Drupal 7 website.

How do I work with links in OSU Drupal?

We use the Linkit module to work with links in OSU Drupal.

For information on how to work with links, please see our Linkit technical article.