Fundamentally Speaking...

As everyday users, we often take the web for granted as we perform standard web-based tasks.

As we move from being consumers of the web to builders of the web, however, the actual complexity of it quickly starts to manifest.

Visit our Web Fundamentals to learn about foundational elements such as accessibility, media integration, and security.

Oregon State University’s Digital Experience team is happy to announce the availability of its Web Literacy Program.

This training opportunity is a six-part, self-guided program using Bridge. The following topics are presented:

  • Web Literacy: Foundations
  • Web Literacy: Media Development and Integration
  • Web Literacy: Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Literacy: Security
  • Web Literacy: OSU Brand Standards
  • Web Literacy: Resources

Please note that this program is not intended to be comprehensive. It's geared for the typical, non-technical OSU employee or student. The intention is to raise awareness of some important elements related to the web and to provide starting points of thought for those people who will find themselves working on the web as a regular part of their job or education.

Enroll in the DX Web Literacy Program

Web Fundamentals Training Available For:

  • Provides the OSU web user with a landing page for the Accessibility topic in Webtech.

  • is the official short URL generator for Oregon State University.

  • Provides the OSU web user with a landing page for the How the Web Works topic in Webtech.

  • Monsido gives our OSU community the tools needed to find and fix common website issues related to Accessibility, Quality, and conformance to Brand Guidelines.

  • Provides the user with an overview and table-of-contents for the Security topic in Webtech.