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DINO accounts are for users needing access to the university blog environment who do not have ONID user accounts. Before users with DINO accounts can be added to blog sites as users, they will need to have a profile on the blog system, to create this profile, they'll need to first log in to Have your user access the site with their DINO username and password


Once your user has logged into the blogs system their user profile will have been created on the system. Go to the admin dashboard for your blog. This can be accessed at (where xxxxxx is your specific blog URL). Once your on your blog dashboard, select the Users link in the left hand navigation.


In the Users section click on the Add New button.


On the Add New User page in the Username field add the DINO username. Select a Role for the user on your blog and check the Skip Confirmation Email. Click on the Add User button. That's it your new DINO user should have log in access to your blog.