To create a new email template, click on the Edit link in the Operations column of the email account that you want to change.

Once the page has finished loading, you should see the Edit E-mail Settings screen. Scroll down the page until you see the E-mail template fieldset, shown below.

Inside of the E-mail template fieldset, there exists a fieldset called Included e-mail values. Click on this to open it.

Within, you'll see a list of the names of all of the fields within this particular webform.  By default, all of them are checked.  Uncheck one, as shown below, check the Exclude empty components checkbox and then click the Save e-mail settings button.

Fill out the form and submit it.  Wait a minute or two and then check the email that you configured to receive the results of the webform submission.

This is a great option for simple webforms.  When we start dealing with huge, complex constructs, however, we're going to need to add a few more tools into our box.

Let's take a look at tokens, now, and discover how they can help us make some really nice looking output.