There are many different options you can sort on in Biblio to assist your user in finding what they are seeking. The following sort options are provided:

  • Sort by - The default sorting displays /biblio (accessed by appending /biblio to the base website URL) with entries sorted by year, from newest to oldest. An example is below.
  • Words to remove from the beginning of titles prior to sorting - words in this list will be skipped when sorting, so that titles like The Lord of the Rings would be sorted under L, not under T. 
  • Show sort links - You can disable the availability of the Author, Title, (etc.) sorting links to the user.
  • Show sort links as tabs - Displays sort links in a tab format.
  • Order - This controls the direction of sorting. Certain sorting types are descending (year, as 2013, 2012, 2011...) or ascending (name, as Andrew, Barry, Charles...) by default, but this corresponds to the order of the initial default sort (year above). On /biblio, an upwards arrow next to a sort type means it is sorting in ascending order, and a downwards arrow means it is sorting in descending order. These can be switched between by clicking the sort link again. 

Biblio - Configuration - Preferences - Sorting - Sorted Biblio Results

sorted biblio results