You'll need to have the ONID username of the person/people you want to add. There are a few different ways that you can find this out, but the easiest is to use OSU's directory at Click on the appropriate result that displays and then look down at the bottom of the page for the user's ONID.

Once you have this adding a user is a relatively simple task. However due to the fact that roles must be assigned to users, and due to the fact that different roles may have different permissions that can severely affect an entire site, only Site Managers and Architects may add users to a site, globally.

To add a user to a site, just do the following:

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Working With People - Add CAS User - Click Add CAS User From Menu

1. Navigate to Add CAS User

Go to Admin menu > People >  Add CAS user.

Working With People - Add CAS User - Enter ONIDs Into CAS User Field

2. Add ONID Usernames

Enter the user's ONID username in the CAS username field. You can add more than one person at a time, just put each ONID username on its own line, as shown in the example.

Note: Make sure there are no blank spaces before or after a user's ONID and also ensure there are no blank lines. This will result in an error message informing you that the system can not find a user named "".

Click the Create New Account(s) button.

Working With People - Add CAS User - Users Added

3. Confirmation Message

You will receive a confirmation message that your people have been added to the site.

If a person already exists on the site, you will receive a message that the user already exists and be provided a link to their profile.

If you will be adding this user to an Organic Group, please stop here and go to our Add A Group Member article to learn how to add a user into a group.

Working With People - Add CAS User - Click On People Link In Menu

4. Go to People List

To get to a new user's account page, you can click on their name. If you're working with more than one person, however, such as in our example, you may prefer to go to the User List.

Go to Admin Menu > People.

Working With People - Add CAS User - Sort By Member For

5. Sort On Member For Column

Once on the User List, click on header of the Member For column to sort users by the most recently added.

Working With People - Add CAS User - Click Edit for User

6. Edit User

Locate your first person and click on their respective edit link.

Working With People - Add CAS User - Select Role and Click Save

7. Give User a Role

Give your user a Role and then click Save.

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