The Program feature provides an organized and visually-attractive way to display your academic program information. It allows both undergraduate and graduate program types, provides free-form and structured input formats, and has areas for subjects including curricula, options, concentrations, minors, online degrees, outcomes, and more.

Following is an example of a completed program and the different elements feature includes.  The sample used is for an undergraduate program, but the graduate program functions in a similar way:

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Features - Program Overview - Undergrad Core Tab

1. Undergraduate Core Curriculum Tab

The Core Curriculum tab includes information about what different degrees are offered, descriptions of the program in general, and core curriculum requirements.

Features - Program Overview - Undergrad Options Tab

2. Undergraduate Program Options Tab

The Program Options tab provides a place where multiple program options can be created and displayed including description fields as well as curriculum ones.  The display utilizes an accordion effect to help keep it compact.

data within the minor tab

3. Undergraduate Minor Tab

If a minor degree is available, all information related to it can be cleanly displayed in the Minor tab.

Features - Program Overview - Online Degree Tab

4. Undergraduate Online Degree Tab

The Online Degree tab provides a location to add all Ecampus information, including link and advisor contact fields.