There are many different items that can be indexed in your Drupal site. In the following example, we'll walk through how to include a menu. All other items are included in a similar fashion in that XML Sitemap provides tools on the configuration pages of the individual items.

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XML Sitemap Settings Tab

1. Go to XML Sitemap Settings Tab

Go to Admin menu > Configuration > Search and metadata > XML Sitemap > Settings Tab.

Excluded items on XML Sitemap Settings Tab

2. Excluded Items Noted in List

If you click through the vertical tabs towards the bottom of the screen, you'll discover various items, many of which have been excluded.

You can adjust this to include the items you want to display on your sitemap.

Menu list

3. Go to Menus

In a new tab, go to Admin menu > Structure > Menus.

Locate the name of the menu you want to include.

Click its respective edit menu link.

Include menu in XML Sitemap fieldset

4. Include Menu

Once on the edit screen for the menu, click the XML Sitemap fieldset.

Inclusion select list = Included

Priority checkbox will appear - set the priority if something other than normal is desired

5. Set Priority

The Default Priority field will appear.

If you prefer something other than the default setting, change it.

Click the Save button.

Click the rebuild sitemap button

6. Rebuild Sitemap

Return to the XML Sitemap screen.

Click on the Rebuild Sitemap Tab.

Ignore the message that says "Your sitemap is up to date..." - it is not up to date.

Make sure the Save and restore any custom inclusion and priority links checkbox is checked.

Click the Rebuild Sitemap button.

Confirmation that sitemap was rebuilt appears

7. Sitemap Rebuild Confirmation

You will received a confirmation message that your sitemap has been rebuilt.

Newly included menu now indexed

8. Verify Indexing of Item

Return to the tab that has your item in it and double-check that it has been indexed.