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URL path highlighted in address bar

1. Copy Desired URL Path

The URL path is the text that comes after the .edu/ part of your web address.

(For more information about URL paths, read our article URL Components.)

Shows menu path to CAS settings

2. Go to CAS Settings

Go to the CAS configuration page at Admin menu > Configuration > People > CAS Settings.

pasting URL path into CAS redirection setting

3. Configure CAS Redirection Setting

  1. Scroll down the CAS configuration page to the Redirection fieldset
  2. Click the Redirection label to open it
  3. Paste the URL path into the Specific Pages fieldset
    1. If there is a preceding forward slash in your pasted text, remove it
    2. To force a CAS login on all pages following your specified path, type a forward slash followed by an asterik - this is known as a wildcard
  4. Click Save
CAS login displays in private browser

4. Test as Anonymous User

  1. Open another browser session - use either Private Browsing (Firefox) or Incognito (Chrome) - or open an entirely different browser than the one that your page is in.
  2. Test your new CAS login requirement by pasting the full URL of your CAS protected page in.
  3. A CAS login screen will appear.