Cloning a node is made possible by the Node Clone contributed module.

This module will provide an easy to use tab on each node that, when clicked, will quickly clone that particular node and all of the content within it.

All roles can clone their own nodes.

Architects can clone any node within the site, whether they are the owners or not.

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Working With Content - Clone Node - Navigate to Desired Node

1. Navigate to Desired Node

Locate the node you wish to clone and navigate to it.

Working With Content - Clone Node - Click Clone Content Tab

2. Clone the Node

Find the Clone Content tab at the top of the node and click it.

Working With Content - Clone Node - Clone Displays in Edit Mode

3. Make Any Necessary Edits

The cloned node will appear in an edit form.

The title will be altered in the form of Clone [Node Title].

Make any necessary changes.

Click the Save button.

Working With Content - Clone Node - Clone Completed

4. Completed Clone

The completed, cloned node will appear.

If no changes were made to the clone, the only difference between it and the original will be the title.