Joe Sheridan Fenn

Jonah Munro-Fenn

Info Technology Consultant III, Drupal Architect, Instructor

Office: 541-737-1189

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B.S. Business Administration, MIS - Oregon State University
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Digital Transformation
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As an ITC III, my duties have a fairly wide scope. I'm currently serving two different job functions for two different departments.

The first department I worked for at OSU was the web service department now known as Digital Experience.

I was initially hired with the primary function of serving as an instructional designer and instructor for the OSU Drupal Content Management System.  The audience I serve ranges from people who have a very limited technology skill base up to exceptionally savvy technologists all throughout the OSU community, and sometimes abroad as well.  

Since 2008, I have built a course of OSU Drupal CMS study that started out as ten separate 2-hour workshops and has since been tightened to three foundational, remote workshops and weekly, remote Open Labs.  I am the sole designer, author, editor and instructor of this particular program.  I am also the sole developer and primary author of our WebTech training website, which receives in the neighborhood of 3,000 visits a month, combined international and domestic. As a supplement to this, I have created and maintain a large collection of OSU Drupal related video on YouTube.

While OSU faculty, staff, and students are my primary audience, I have also been called out to perform special training sessions which have included members of the Salem-Keizer school district, the former Oregon University System Chancellor's office, and the University of Oregon.

In addition to consultation for the university's Drupal users, I serve as a primary consultant to our OSU Drupal team regarding functional strategies, feature development, and information architecture that will improve our system, especially in terms of usability for our intended audience.  Between our small team, we manage several hundred Drupal sites on our Acquia hosted network, split between production and development environments.

I'm also a network administrator and 1st-3rd Tier support for: OSU's multi-site WordPress installation (over 3,000 blogs), OSU's Localist Event Calendar, our Monsido web governance platform, the MyOregonState portal, the OSU Campus Map, and our URL shortening tool,  Interlaced through all of this, I provide a smattering of other web-related tasks such as basic media development, information architecture consultation for web optimization, and social media use which has all been combined in a modular, self-guided Web Literacy program developed in OSU's Bridge LMS.

In August of 2021, our IT division underwent a large reorganization. I was moved to the newly formed Digital Organization and Transformation directorate, specifically in the Digital Transformation department. My job duties here now take up approximately 75% of my time. We're steadily moving towards an Enterprise Service Management model where our department will focus on process improvement, workflow automation, and administration of our University Information and Technology help ticket platform.

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