The Book module is a core optional module that provides a way of managing related pages of content in an outline format, similar to chapters in a text book.  This module provides several user friendly features, such as on-the-fly menu creation,  a pre-built Book navigation block with enhanced configurations, and its own easy-to-use Book Manager.

When using the Book page content type along with the Book navigation block, after the top page is created, a content contributor basically only has to enter the Title of the content and the Body information.  The Book module will take over from there and automatically populate itself based on the title provided, once the form is submitted.

The menu management for Books is a little bit different than the rest of Drupal's menu structure.  Books uses its own special management tool which can be found at Admin Menu > Content  > Books.  Here a permitted user can easily rearrange menu items within a book using drag-n-drop.