The Webform module provides you the ability to download the results for a given webform into a comma-separated value (CSV) file, which can then be opened in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc.  This will allow you to easily chart your results.  To download your results, do the following:

  1. From the Webform Manager, click the Download link, or if you're within a webform, click the Download tab.
    1. In the Export format group, check Delimited Text.
    2. In the Delimited Text Format drop down, select Comma (\c).
    3. Click the Download button.
  2. A dialog box will then open and ask you if you want to open or save the file:
    • If you choose to open the file from the dialog box, you will immediately see the results.  To save it from here you will need save the file to your preferred location from within your spreadsheet application.
    • If you choose to save the file from the dialog box, it will automatically save in the location specified in your browser settings (by default, this is usually in some temporary internet file location, unless you have changed the download settings in your browser).
    • Typically to change your browser settings you will need to look inside the Tools or Help menu item for your browser.  For specific information regarding how to change your browser's download settings, please see the help instructions provided by the organization responsible for the browser (such as Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, Apple, etc).

Please note: While Webform gives you an option to download results into a Microsoft Excel format, this may not always work depending on the version of Microsoft Excel that you have on your computer.  Your safest bet is to use the more generic CSV method, which will be automatically recognized by most spreadsheet applications.

Also, prior to downloading, you may wish to refine your output a bit by configuring your export:

Select List options

If you have select lists in your webform, they can be configured to have a column per option, or they can be compiled together into a single column where the options are separated by commas.

Included Export Components

Perhaps you don't need to export all of your data.  You can select exactly what field data you want to export in this configuration.

Download Range Options

If you have a long-term webform, you don't have to download results that you previously downloaded. You can easily select a range based on when you last downloaded, or a given date, or count of results.  This is really handy if you need to perform tasks such as downloading monthly figures.